Welcome padawans! 

We are excited you and your family have come to join us on our journey in learning about the ways of the force!  Amazing adventures and excitement are heading your way this summer at the Jedi Training Academy Summer Camp!


Campers will experience:

  • An understanding of leadership/teambuilding/ social and emotional awareness
  • Conflict resolution/coping skills with and without light sabers
  • Yoga/Qi gong/EFT/Brain Gym exercises
  • Many different meditations/visualizations/

breathing exercises to aid in cultivating the living force

  • Deep nature connection activities
  • An understanding of the aura (human energy field) and the chakras (energy centers)
  • An understanding of the force/prana/qi (universal life energy) and ways to apply it in their lives
  • An understanding of the levels of consciousness for better knowledge of dreams/ creativity/ meditation/ physical and mental healing
  • Light Saber Training/Force training